Let Our Soft Cotton Covers Transform Your CPAP Experience.

CPAP masks only work with a close fit, but all too often that very closeness leads to discomfort.   The uncovered straps pressing against your cheeks and temples can be irritating and leave unsightly marks on your skin.   In addition, the mask itself can leave an unpleasant feeling where the silicone lays against your face.   Our soft, fitted straps and soft cotton mask covers restore your comfort and allow a better night's sleep.

   A Blessing...

These beautifully made mask covers have been a blessing for many of my patients.   For people with rosacea, or very sensitive skin, they have sometimes made the difference between being able to use CPAP or not.   For others, it's just so much more pleasant.   You might not think the silicone is bothersome against your skin, but when you feel how nice that soft cotton is, there's no comparison.   I am so gratefull to have this product available for my patients.

                                             .... Mari M. Goldner, M.D.

Our Products...

 ✔  Are proudly made in the USA
 ✔  Each mask cover is specially selected cotton blend
 ✔  Our fabrics are carefully selected for softness and fit
 ✔  Mask covers and straps are 100% washable
 ✔  Our products are designed for your comfort
 ✔  Return for any reason within 30 days for a full refund

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